Satan ousted as Hells ‘Top Boy’.

Christ, ain’t been that pissed on a Monday since I was on the dole as a youth.

Celebrations broke out across the UK yesterday after the news of Margaret Thatchers death. People walked out of work to celebrate, parties sprang up and most of the working population gave a collective sigh of relief. The long planned Trafalgar Square party will take place on Saturday, Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead by Judy Garland has rocketed to number one in the Amazon download charts with a second version by Ella Fitzgerald at number four (at the time of writing) and riots broke out in Bristol and Brixton last night as plod tried to quell the joy of a nation. 

There’s one more demon in hell and the bitch makes Lucifer look like Joe fucking Pasquale.

I’m off for a cup of tea and a lie down, see you in Trafalgar Square on Saturday.

Findus fingered in Shergar horsenapping.

Yesterday making my first post of the year, I briefly mentioned the most recent meat industry scandal, the European-wide discovery of horsemeat secretly being used as a beef subsitute in some frozen and tinned products, the frozen food company Findus and supermarket chain Tesco being two of the worst offenders in the UK …

…and apparently horsemeat is all the rage which raises the question what does happen to all them horses that get knackered and shot at Ascot?

This was an attempt, on my part, to be funny. Today however in the latest installment of horsemeat drama it has been reported that some of the horse carcasses used in the meat industry have been found to contain traces of Phenylbutazone (known as Bute), a type of painkiller. Generally speaking animals ain’t given painkillers before a bolt is shot into their forehead or before they have their throats cut, so what the fuck?

The BBC report on this ended with these sentences…

‘Meanwhile, Aintree Racecourse has confirmed reports that the Peter Boddy Licensed Slaughterhouse in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, under investigation in the horsemeat inquiry, has the contract to remove dead Grand National racehorses for disposal purposes.

But it said it was illegal for horses humanely put down by injection on the racecourse to be sold for consumption and was “as confident as we possibly can be that no unfit meat ever reaches the human food chain”.’

…I shit you not.

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How do,

Well its mid-February and the New Years hangover has just about passed, so whats been going on. Bit of a shit start to the Year what with some prick firebombing Freedom Bookshop in London, the EDL are continuing to fracture into ever smaller mobs thanks to the incompetence of their leadership (according to the whimpering remnants there still is one). Professional woman-hater and former Hitler Youth member Pope Benedict XVI has become the first pope to jack it in for 600 years, which made the headline for all of one afternoon before the journos realised that actually no-one gives a fuck, and apparently horsemeat is all the rage which raises the question what does happen to all them horses that get knackered and shot at Ascot?

Anyway lets crack on…

Game on.

It’s on, it’s fucking on. On Saturday 2nd December, in the second round of the FA Cup, in what will be one of the most controversial matches in recent English football and the only vaguely interesting thing you’ll see happen in Buckinghamshire any time soon, Milton Keynes Dons will be at home to AFC Wimbledon. A match that was ten years in the making, and a football rivalry in which the two sides have never actually met, a game that could be viewed as the supporters of a traditional club against those of a truly modern team, and like any playground punch-up the rest of us will be egging ‘em on and shouting FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT.

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Di Canio Watch – November 2012

With a  slew of racist incidents in the English football pyramid over the last few months, the uncomfortable (especially for the FA and media operators) but needed discussion of racism in football as once again opened up. The ‘revelation’ of the private attitudes perpetuated by some involved in the world of professional football and not-so-private attitudes of players like Terry and Suarez, have only highlighted the utter ineffectiveness of the FA (i.e. State) approved anti-racism campaigns. When professional footballers normally so keen to tow the FA line, are refusing to wear a t-shirt, which is really the extent of the ‘Kick it out’ campaign, it’s a fairly clear sign that the said ‘campaign’ and those running it are, to put it mildly, a fucking waste of space.  This years racism furore has rumbled on with the accusation by Chelsea, possibly as an attempt to divert attention from the ingrained right-wing attitude that has historically been linked to that football club, that in an unlikely incident, referee Mark Clattenburg made certain comments towards one of their players during play. Their supposed indignation at the alleged accusation at Clattenburg has lost some of its validity as at the same time, in a sadly all too likely incident, when one of their fans got caught on tv doing monkey gestures to an opposing player.

In a highly sensitive arena which could, and probably will, break-out in a rapid escalation of finger-pointing and damage control by clubs, players and of course PR conscience executives, the BBC have decided to enter the fray with the ‘sensitive’ decision to give a column to committed political fascist and footballing fuckwit , Paolo Di Canio.

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