No! What, really?

So no it is, Scotland has inexplicably voted to remain under the yoke of the British State. Then again perhaps we shouldn’t be that surprised, the people’s of these islands have always struggled to grasp concepts like social evolution, and historically any change has only come about as the result of some hard bloody slog. This is only … More No! What, really?

Cameron has a cry as Scotland prepares to fuck off.

Well what fucking heart warming scenes as David Cameron gave a teary last-ditch plea, to the residents of Scotland to vote to stay incarcerated under the control of the British State. Taking the desperate step to admit his inherent unpleasantness he wailed… “If you don’t like me, I won’t be here for ever. If you don’t … More Cameron has a cry as Scotland prepares to fuck off.

Griffin booted out on his arse.

It has finally come to pass that Nick Griffin has gone from his entrenched position of British National Party Führer, sadly not by shooting himself in the head while pissing his pants in an underground bunker but, surprisingly, by being ousted. While internal squabbles among far-right organisations are common Griffin had managed to maintain his position at the … More Griffin booted out on his arse.